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The African American Heritage & Culture Center actively presents the historic impact & progression of African American heritage & culture in our region.


Eastern North Carolina is the historic home of generations of African Americans. Many families share a heritage as freemen with deep roots to the cities and small communities across the region.  Others were freed or fleeing slaves who came to coastal North Carolina and settled in New Bern as a safe haven during and following the Civil War.  From the time of Emancipation through today their stories are told by their families and friends.   


Who are North Carolinas African Americans?  Shipbuilders, seamen and captains, cotton and tobacco farmers, lumbermen and loggers, soldiers, craftsmen and artisans, elected representatives, medical professionals, business and property owners, religious leaders, educators, community leaders, attorneys, artists, bankers & musicians.

Today, AAHC actively presents the historic impact and progression of African American heritage & culture with exhibitions, musical presentations, dance & theatre performances, and educational & social events.


The African American Heritage & Culture Center welcomes you and your organization as our partner.  Together we will present these stories about our fellow North Carolinians.

Abraham Galloway

Elected in 1868 former slave Abraham Galloway was the first African American in the NC state legislature.

Harris Taxi Service

African American entrepreneurs established business to serve the community. Pictured next to her cab, Mary Fisher Harris 

James Walker Hood

Religious leader James Walker Hood was an African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church bishop in North Carolina from 1872 to 1916.

Musical Traditions

Eastern North Carolina's musicians are integral to Black musical traditions across America.

Join us to preserve, promote and celebrate African American arts, music, culture and heritage of Eastern North Carolina

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AAHC leaders welcome you and your organization to present a topic for community discussion, exhibit your art, participate in a musical performance, or engage AAHC as a partner in future programs and community projects. 


Around New Bern

Early settlers joined Tuscaroran people and African-American freemen and freed slaves to build New Bern, a city rich in history and culture.




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